Real-Time Physics Libraries (MFPhys)

Physics-Based Material Flow

Innovative algorithms allow the simulation of complex and extensive production facilities with deterministic results up to factory simulation including components for the description of real-time optimized physical material flow elements.

These can be used, for example, to model belt and track conveyed systems in the context of car body manufacturing or intralogistics and include components such as movers, conveying elements, sensors, actuators, materials, RFID scanners, AGV's, stoppers, and many more.

Following MFPhys functions are included in the standard scope, more can be found in the option packages:

  • Tape Guided Systems: Library for simulating belt, roller, strap and chain guided material handling applications including materials.
  • Track Guided Systems: Library for simulating track-guided material flow applications including materials.
  • Handling: Library for the simulation of handling technology such as grippers, as well as elements for transport control such as separators and stoppers.
  • Material identification systems: Extension of the material flow simulation with elements for the identification and localization of materials within a manufacturing system. This includes elements for writing and reading attributes, as well as for generating RFID, DMC, QR and BC tags on materials.
Standard Modeling Libraries & physically-based Material Flow with ISG virtuos