Mover and AGV Systems

The Automated Factory

Movers and AGVs - or automated guided vehicles - perform countless tasks in modern automated production lines. Whether for the transport of parts for car body assembly or fully automated warehouse logistics systems, the applications are as diverse as they are complex.

Especially here, it makes sense to extensively test the higher-level master controllers or even the controller in the individual AGV. In reality, this is often associated with a great deal of effort or the final complexity cannot be mapped in advance. Simulation within the framework of a VIBN provides a successful remedy here: by linking the various controls to the simulation solution, complex scenarios can be set up and tested in their entirety.

Thanks to systems already implemented in our TwinStore, such as the eCart library of KRUPS Automation GmbH, modeling is also no longer an extensive task, since the individual components are already available and only need to be positioned according to the individual hall plan.


Mover with ISG virtuos
AGV Systems with ISG virtuos

With this option package you get an extension of the material flow simulation with use cases for movers and automated guided vehicles including specific sensors and drive technology for the implementation of your projects.

By using your CAD data, you can model movers and AGVs according to your ideas and suitable for the later purpose and visualize them in the real-time simulation. The behavioral model libraries included in this package provide your control systems with a real-time capable digital counterpart, which reproducibly operates every control cycle in the simulation, so that after the successful virtual commissioning you can start up the real plant optimized and without worries.