Connection of Hardware Control Systems

Hardware-in-the Loop Simulation

ISG-virtuos can be used to test both hardware and software control systems. Even complex simulation scenarios can be mapped simultaneously by integrating several real controllers.

Due to the modular design, flexible and scalable solutions as well as mixed operation with software control systems and real components are possible.

The connection of real controllers to ISG-virtuos as HiL simulation can be done via common fieldbus systems. Here, explicitly no gateway functions are used, i.e. during the simulation in ISG-virtuos, the controller only sees real fieldbus participants. Addressing and timing of the fieldbus nodes must therefore not be adapted in the control applications.

In ISG-virtuos 3, it is possible to perform the fieldbus connection automatically. The TIA Converter, e.g., allows the uncomplicated transfer of TIA projects from the TIA Portal (Siemens) for the project engineering of the fieldbus topology for Profibus/Profinet. All fieldbus devices (simple digital I/O terminals, up to intelligent fieldbus devices) are generated as real fieldbus devices for connection within the HiL simulation. The results of the electrical design can be used for the VIBN without any adjustments.

In addition to connections without a real fieldbus - such as TCP/IP, hardware control systems can also be connected to the digital twin in ISG-virtuos via fieldbus. This has the advantage that every clock pulse specified by the controller is taken into account in the simulation and safety systems can also be integrated into the real-time simulation.

Currently, the following fieldbus systems can be connected to ISG-virtuos:

CANopenEthernet IPEtherCAT