Customized projects visualized precisely

CAD-data are an indispensable part of today's projects and represent an important pillar in the planning of machines and plants. Logically, this data can also be used unchanged for the simulation solution.

ISG-virtuos enables the simple and uncomplicated import of all common CAD-formats for 3D-visualization within the framework of VIBN. The simulation platform also offers various options for the visual adaptation of CAD-data, such as surface textures, colors, transparencies, light, and much more.

CAD-data can also be automatically simplified directly during import in order to optimize the performance of your simulation projects accordingly.

CAD Import in ISG virtuos

The following CAD formats can be imported into ISG-virtuos:

SolidWorksInventorNXsolid Edge
Pro Engineer (CREO)3dXMLJTACIS