3D Project Planning

Intuitive Modeling in 3D

In ISG-virtuos, machines and plants are designed in an intuitive, graphical 3D-environment, e.g. for virtual commissioning. The associated, real-time capable behavior model in the form of a block diagram is generated automatically in the background via drag & drop when using the 3D-libraries, which simplifies the work enormously.

Users who are already familiar with previous versions will nevertheless quickly find their way around, as it is still possible to work directly in the block diagram. The block diagram remains as the description language for the behavior of the digital twin. The Simulation Manager for the individual configuration of the simulation environment, control panels for controlling the test scenarios and possibilities for analysis for reproducible test results can also be found in the latest version of ISG-virtuos.


Intuitive Modeling in 3D
Intuitive Modeling in 3D
Material Flow in 3D
Material Flow in 3D

Simulation scenarios, e.g. material flow, can also be performed and analyzed without connection to the control system. This 3D-based workflow can be used universally from MiL-, SiL- to HiL- simulation and thus offers great advantages through visualization from customer acquisition to training and fault simulation parallel to operation of the finished plant.

By working with, from project to project, constantly growing own user libraries on component level in cooperation with the online platform for component models, TwinStore, digital twins of entire plants can be created within shortest time. This is supplemented by the possibility of also creating general behavior templates and/or obtaining them from TwinStore. In this way, as in this video, a conveyor system, for example, can be quickly and easily configured and commissioned, taking into account the CAD-data.

Competitive advantage: 3D-visualization even without CAD-data

In ISG-virtuos, it is also possible to build entire plants without CAD data due to the system's own visualization of the behavior models. This has several advantages:

  • If certain CAD-data of the machine or plant is not yet available, it can still be modeled and also visualized. Missing CAD-data can be imported with a few clicks and linked to the existing behavior model.
  • When exchanging CAD-data, the already modeled behavior is retained and the new CAD-data can be easily linked to it.
  • Easy 3D-Parameterization of the behavior models 
  • Various behavior templates can be created and saved in the user library in order to model them quickly - with the help of a template - for new components or CAD-data.
3D Modeling in ISG virtuos