Webinar: Intelligent Engineering Data for Virtual Commissioning

A review of our last webinar: Exciting insights, valuable findings and pure inspiration. Read here what results we gained together and deepen your knowledge.

From 3D to 4D twins

On October 17, 2023, a joint webinar was held by CADENAS GmbH, TwinStore GmbH and Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH, covering the following important topics:

The advantages of Virtual Commissioning (VIBN).

Virtual Commissioning (VIBN), or VIBN for short, was highlighted as a groundbreaking approach in Industrial Control Engineering. Here, Digital Twins were "brought to life" through simulation and tested for performance. This process made it possible to gain insight into how the system would behave in a real-world application. The correct application of VIBN led to increased efficiency, while costs were reduced and development times shortened.

4D models and their advantages

During the webinar, 4D models were highlighted as key to predictive fault detection, beginning testing, and control program development prior to physical machine manufacturing. Furthermore, 4D models enabled high-risk scenarios to be run. Also emphasized was having the plant or machine available virtually at the beginning of the engineering process, creating a "digital shadow" for production support.

The importance of data quality

Data quality was emphasized as crucial for the success of VIBN. Thanks to the intelligent and high-quality 3D models from the CADENAS database, ISG received a solid basis for the creation of 4D simulation models. This led to a significant reduction in the effort required to create product catalogs, to a consistent concept for 3D and 4D data, and to the generation of variant models.

The cooperation between CADENAS, ISG and TwinStore

The fruitful cooperation between CADENAS, ISG and TwinStore enabled a smooth data flow from 3D twins to 4D twins, which was highlighted as a core requirement for a successful Virtual Commissioning.

Wide range of simulation possibilities with ISG-virtuos

The webinar also presented the diverse simulation possibilities offered by the ISG-virtuos software. Users can use it to create digital twins of machines and plants. This scalable simulation software supports the entire development process, from early engineering to VIBN. This includes model-in-the-loop (MiL) simulations, software-in-the-loop (SiL) tests and behavior simulation in deterministic control real time (hardware-in-the-loop, HiL).

The Bottom Line: Digital Transformation in Industry

In summary, this webinar highlighted that the collaboration between CADENAS, ISG and TwinStore enables a seamless data flow from 3D twins to 4D twins - a critical foundation for successful Virtual Commissioning. Such solutions have been described as the heart of successful digitization in industry.