TwinStore Summit 2022 | Insights

At the beginning of the new year, TwinStore community members gathered for a virtual meeting on February 10, 2022.

The component manufacturers presented their product catalogs to each other, which are available in the TwinStore as simulation models for virtual commissioning. As early as 2021, prefabricated simulation models could be successfully used in virtual commissioning and the modeling times of virtual machines and plants could be significantly reduced. More than 750 component models from the members of the TwinStore Community are already available in the TwinStore today and we are pleased to welcome further partners such as HEITEC, KEB, Lenze, WEISS, KRUPS Automation and Campus Schwarzwald to the community since the last summit. Together, collaboration goals have been defined for 2022 to further expand the availability of virtual product catalogs.

We are looking forward to a successful year 2022 together!

The TwinStore is an online exchange platform for simulation models of real components used for virtual commissioning of automation solutions and control systems. Virtual commissioning enables an overall test before the real commissioning in order to test and optimize a plant at any time. The individual simulation models are provided directly by the component manufacturers or simulation specialists for use in simulation projects of the machine and plant manufacturer or system integrator. The individual product catalogs offer a wide selection of digital twins that enable the assembly of customer-specific systems. Among the digital twins are virtual components and assemblies such as drive technology, sensor technology, robot systems, conveyor technology and gripping systems.

For more information on the component manufacturers and their product catalogs, please visit the TwinStore at



  • From factory automation to logistics automation to process automation - as a technology and market leader for sensor intelligence and application solutions, SICK offers the perfect basis for safe and efficient control of processes, for protecting people from accidents, and for preventing accidental damage.
  • As an innovation leader in the development of future-oriented sensor technology, SICK is looking for a way to provide its customers not only with real sensors, but also with a realistic and complex environment for extensive testing.
  • Today, SICK provides its customers with the digital twins of its intelligent sensors via the TwinStore.
  • Customers thus receive all the information about the hardware with all its functions and interfaces, develop and test the controller, and validate it in a virtual image of the real plant without endangering man and machine. This allows SICK customers to start their development process before the real plant is available or accessible.
Smart Sensors für die Fabrikautomation (2/2): Vom Shopfloor bis in die Cloud | SICK AG
KRUPS eCart System

BEST PRACTICE | Mover - KRUPS Automation GmbH

  • KRUPS Automation GmbH develops customized assembly logistics. With the intelligent and innovative eCart conveyor system, KRUPS offers a highly modular building block principle for self-propelled workpiece carriers that connect a wide variety of work stations within a production line.
  • KRUPS customers combine switches, turntables, lifts and rails as they wish to form a wide variety of processing stations. Each of these configurations present new challenges and sources of error for the higher-level controller.
  • Thanks to the virtual eCart components from the TwinStore, the configurations can be reproduced easily and quickly in ISG-virtuos and connected directly to the real controller via Profinet.
  • With the aid of the TwinStore library, KRUPS and its customers can now test and optimize complex new situations directly on the digital twin, without having to set up and operate the system. All conceivable error situations can be mapped easily and automatically in order to be prepared as well as possible for real operation.

BEST PRACTICE | Rundschalttische - WEISS GmbH

  • Whether rotating, linear or freely positioned in space: As a global system partner for factory automation, the WEISS Group designs automation solutions for the key industries of automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, life science and electronics.
  • In addition to the innovative rotary indexing tables, handling units, delta robots and linear transfer systems, the WEISS Group also provides its customers with many digital twins in the TwinStore, resulting in cost and time savings on the customer side.
  • WEISS Group customers quickly and easily validate components digitally in advance and seamlessly integrate them into the digital engineering of models of larger systems.
  • With the help of the digital twin, they test the plants and commission them virtually. In addition, the digital twin helps them, e.g., to better understand the control system and to carry out training.
An Engineer’s Real-Time Double. Virtual Commissioning with WEISS.
Digitaler Zwilling der Komponente / Im TwinStore zum geeigneten Simulationsmodell


  • Zimmer Group is a global mechanical and plant engineering company offering groundbreaking innovations in automation, damping, linear, process, tooling and machine technology.
  • In order to offer their customers the benefits of virtual commissioning for a wide range of products, Zimmer Group and ISG have revised and extended the interface for automatic model generation.
  • As a result, a large number of grippers for the TwinStore can be automatically generated and parameterized from databases, and the Zimmer Group can provide a large selection of digital twins of its products in the TwinStore - despite an extreme number of variants for specialized gripping processes.
  • Zimmer Group customers are thus able to commission these digital twins in the respective production environments completely virtually.
  • More information and individual components can also be found directly on the Zimmer homepage.