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SPS 2021: ISG presents innovations of its simulation platform for digital twins

At SPS - Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg (Nov. 23-25, 2021, Hall 6, Booth 340) we will present the latest enhancements of its simulation platform ISG-virtuos and more

SPS 2021: ISG presents innovations of its simulation platform for digital twins

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High-performance real-time simulation of plants and entire factories SPS 2021:


ISG presents innovations of its simulation platform for digital twins

ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH will present the latest enhancements of its simulation platform ISG-virtuos at SPS - Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg (23-25.11.2021, Hall 6, Booth 340). With the open software for digital twins, machine and plant manufacturers realize simulation models, especially for virtual commissioning. But also along the entire life cycle of a plant - from sales to digital engineering to the operating phase, for example for employee training and service cases - the solution allows to simulate a wide variety of scenarios. Furthermore, ISG will present the latest version of the ISG-kernel. The control kernel can now distribute the extended CNC tasks to different cores of a control platform (multicore) and thus scale the control system for all application requirements. In Nuremberg, visitors will gain interesting insights into various applications and actual engineering.


High-performance simulations in real-time based on ISG-virtuos multicore technology

With the help of the ISG-virtuos simulation platform, users significantly shorten their modeling times thanks to 3D project planning. In addition, the platform enables complete factory simulations and is thus also used in the areas of manufacturing automation and intralogistics. The material flow simulation of complex production plants covers, for example, use cases for movers and automated guided vehicles (AGV/FTS) including specific sensor and drive technology, such as electric monorail systems in car body construction or AGVs in warehouse logistics. Companies also benefit from the seamless integration of the simulation solution into their engineering process: real and virtual control systems from a wide range of manufacturers can be easily connected. The integration of component libraries directly from the component manufacturer is also conveniently possible.


Prefabricated component models save time

Many component manufacturers want to provide certified digital twins of assemblies and components to their customers in machine and plant engineering. For this purpose, ISG has developed the TwinStore (, an online store for standardized component models that can be seamlessly integrated into simulation projects with ISGvirtuos 3. Virtual 4D product catalogs from numerous manufacturers are directly available in the TwinStore. "This allows machine and plant builders to model their automation solutions even faster," explains Dr. Christian Scheifele, Head of R&D Simulation Technology at ISG. "And at the same time, the virtual model accurately represents the real components along with their interfaces, parameters and behavioral characteristics." How the integration of simulation models from the TwinStore for a virtual commissioning can look like in practice is presented by ISG to the trade fair audience by means of a best practice example. Visitors to the SPS will learn how ISG provides individual support for the implementation of simulation projects and will also receive information about the extensive range of training courses that ISG offers for its software solutions.


Ensuring quality through test automation

Both the design and the control software must be assured in terms of quality. With the ISG-dirigent tool, companies can automate corresponding tests. "The solution allows automated testing of individual component and assembly models as well as complete machine and plant models with regard to a wide range of criteria," says Dr. Christian Scheifele. "In the area of control software, ISG-dirigent can be used to automatically test the behavior in normal and - much more frequent in practice - irregular operating cases. In this way, companies achieve high robustness and reliability of their control software." At SPS, ISG will demonstrate the seamless coupling of the tool with ISG-virtuos and show interested parties ways to automate testing of their control software.

Effective Use of a Multicore Platform in the Control Software

With the ISG-kernel software solution, companies control machines and systems in almost all areas of CNC, robotics and motion control. In addition to the enhancements around the scalable and configurable multicore functions of the control, redundant kinematics with additional axes such as linear axis and rotary/swivel table are now supported in addition to familiar robot kinematics. The integration of innovative smoothing processes permits a further increase in path speeds, thus enabling reduced production times. Extensive advanced technology functions round off the performance spectrum of ISG-kernel. The software is available on the market as a component of innovative, high-performance control systems. In addition, ISG-kernel is available as a platform-independent stand-alone software package to add high-end functionalities to already existing control technology.