#mobile.ausbildung: web conference about the future of dual professional training (June 08-10, 2021)

#mobile.ausbildung keeps you informed about already existing and upcoming digital tools and their usage in the everyday occupational and scholastic life.

#mobile.ausbildung: Webkonferenz zur Zukunft der dualen Berufsbildung (08. - 10.06.2021)

#mobile.ausbildung informs about already existing, but also upcoming digital tools and their use in the professional and school everyday life. Medium-sized companies, IHK and its member companies as well as vocational schools, but also all other interested parties can inform and exchange information in workshops and bar camps.

On 09.06., 9h45, the ISG together with the Steinbeissschule Stuttgart will give an overview of the opportunities and challenges of virtualization in mechanical engineering and training.