ISG is a new member at ARENA2036

ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH has joined the research campus ARENA2036. As a new member, ISG looks forward to a future characterized by innovative collaboration.

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ISG is a new member at ARENA2036

A new milestone for the technology partner

To celebrate the official confirmation, the ISG staff and representatives of ARENA2036 came together on April 24 for a guided tour of the research campus followed by a barbecue, during which an informative exchange about upcoming projects took place.  

As an innovation platform for the collaboration of business and science, ARENA2036 has established itself  as a progressive partner for strengthening the German automotive industry over the past years. ISG is all the more pleased to now be officially part of ARENA and the continuously advancing development of innovations in the field of simulation and control technology.  

"Our ambition to drive innovation within simulation and control technology as a technology partner can be realized through our membership in ARENA2036. We look forward to upcoming projects, successful collaborations and a lively exchange." 
- Dr. Christian Scheifele, Managing Director of ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH