Digital twins: modular virtual machines 07/2020

Mit virtuelle Anlagen, die einem Baukastenprinzip entspringen, kann man die Realisierung von kundenindividuellen Anlagen absichern, den Aufwand minimieren und Fehler vermeiden

Digital twins: Modular virtual machines 07/2020

When it comes to the development of a machine or plant, a lot depends on the moment of commissioning. To avoid any unpleasant surprises here, a digital twin can help. But that is not all.

In traditional mechanical and plant engineering, commissioning is one of the critical process steps. After all, potential weaknesses in the control software can only be identified at this late stage. Under certain circumstances, these can result in costly reprogramming or even mechanical modification of the plant.

By testing the commissioning in advance on a digital twin and optimizing it first in the digital world, unpleasant surprises of this kind are now a thing of the past. What's more, by assembling the digital twin of the virtual plant from individual assemblies, the designer can try out different variants at low cost and thus adapt the plant to the customer's specific individual requirements.