Feedrate per revolution (G95)



Feedrate in mm/revolution


During turning with active G95, a constant chip thickness can be defined with the F Word in [mm/rev, inch/rev] irrespective of spindle speed.

Here, the axis feedrate is linked to the rotational speed of the position-controlled spindle. It is only valid in conjunction with the G function with which it was programmed. This means that if a change is made from G95 to G94 or G93 (Section "Machining time or feedrate") the valid F word for G95 is not adopted..

G95 can also be programmed in combination with a controlled (PLC) main spindle (P-CHAN-00069). Please note here that the resulting feedrate per revolution is only dependent on the programmed values (F word, S word). Real-time influences on the spindle speed are not considered, e.g. override changes. This type of programming in only permitted in a channel in conjunction with the assigned main spindle as of Build V3.1.3066.02.

Programing Example


Feedrate per revolution (G95)

N10 F1000 G01 X0 Z100 M3 S1200  ;Feedrate 1000 mm/min (G94)

N20 G95 F1.5         ;Feedrate per revolution 1.5 mm/rev,

                     ;speed 1200 rpm

N30 Z50              ;Feedrate 1800 mm/min

N40 G94 X50          ;Feedrate 1000 mm/min valid from N10

N50 G93 F20 X20      ;Machining time 20 s

N60 G95 Y200 S2000   ;Feedrate per revolution 1.5 mm/rev valid from N20,

                     ;speed 2000 rpm

N70 M30

Feedrate per revolution (G95) and axis coupling with variable gear ratio (gear coupling)

As of Build 3.1.3079.03 the feedrate of the path axes can be coupled to the speed of the main spindle with #TURN [ROT_FEED_CPL=1]. The feedrate is adapted depending on the gear ratio settings of the axis couplings. This permits the activation of the feedrate per revolution (G95) while spindles are rotating.

Axis couplings with variable gear ratios can be linked by


In the default setting of #TURN [ROT_FEED_CPL=0], the speed of the main spindle is used with no consideration given to the axis couplings.

If the main spindle is changed, the setting of ROT_FEED_CPL is adopted automatically for the new main spindle and deactivated for the previous main spindle.

Programing Example


G95 - Spindle speed with gear coupling

;Axis 5 is configured as main spindle, Axis 6 (S2) is configured as auxiliary spindle.

; ----------------------------------------------------

; Axis 5 is coupled to Axis 6 and to itself.


N20 M3 S500         ; commanded speed of Axis 5 = 500 rpm

N30 N30 [M3 REV1500] ; commanded speed of Axis 6 = 1500 rpm

; speed of Axis 5 = 500 rpm + 1500 rpm = 2000 rpm

; speed of Axis 6 = 1500 rpm

; feedrate = 1000 mm/min

N40 F1000 G01 X100

; Spindle speed related to axis coupling is used for G95


N60 G95 F1.5        ; feedrate per revolution = 1.5 mm/rev

; feedrate = 2000 rpm * 1.5mm/rev = 3000 mm/min

N70 X200

; Spindle speed without axis coupling is used for G95


; feedrate = 500 rpm * 1.5mm/rev = 750 mm/min

N90 X400

N100 M05

N110 SC[M05]