Machining time or feedrate (G93/G94/G95/G194)


Specify machining time in seconds



Feed per minute

(modal, initial state)


Feedrate per revolution



Feedrate calculation based on maximum weighted axis feeds


The action of the F word can be optionally switched over by using the G functions G93, G94, G95 and G194.

G93 combined with the F word defines a machining time in [s].

G94 combined with the F word:

G95 combined with the F word defines a feedrate per revolution in [mm/U, inch/U]. The function is described in greater detail in Section Feedrate per revolution (G95).

G194 combined with the F word defines a weighting factor in [%] for maximum feedrates. The maximum permissible feedrate on the path then results from the axis-specific values P-AXIS-00212. At least one axis then moves at its maximum weighted velocity. Only weighting factors less than 100% are permitted.

Programing Example


Machining time or feedrate (G93/G94/G95/G194)

N10 G90 F1000 X100   (Feedrate 1000 mm/min (G94 default))

N20 G194 F90         (Weighting 90% to max. axis feedrate)

Nxx X200             (Feed e.g. 9000 mm/min at vb_max=10000 mm/min)

N80 G94 X50          (Feedrate 1000 mm/min valid from N10)

Nxx X.. Y.. Z..      (Interpolation)

N120 G93 F20         (Machining time 20 s]

Nxx X.. Y.. Z..      (Interpolation)

N160 G94 F1500 X150  (Feedrate 1500 mm/min)

Nxx X.. Y.. Z..      (Interpolation)

N200 M30