Dynamic limits with tool gear (P-AXIS-00786)


Dynamic limits with tool gear


Tools can have an additional gear. When this type of tool is changed, the CNC automatically includes the additional gear ratio in the spindle (see P-TOOL-00016, P-TOOL-00017). By default, the maximum speed and acceleration of the spindle axis is limited to the dynamic limits of P-AXIS-00212 and P-AXIS-00008 .

If P-AXIS-00786 is set, the CNC includes the current gear step in the speed limitation and in the maximum acccerlation.

The maximum dynamics result from:


High revolutions can therefore be programmed if the tool ratio is small than one. The maximum dynamic limits P-AXIS-00212 and P-AXIS-00008 from the axis parameter list therefore always refer to a tool ratio of 1:1.

Irrespective of the settin gof this parameter, the maximum tool speed and acceleration can be additionally limited in the tool parameters P-TOOL-00014 and P-TOOL-00015 .



Data type


Data range

0: The maximum axis velocity P-AXIS-00212 and the axis acceleration P-AXIS-00008 limit the maximum dynamics irrespedtice of the tool gear ratio.

1: The tool gear ration is included in the calculation. The maximum dynamics result from P-AXIS-00212 or P-AXIS-00008 due to the gear ratio of the currently changed tool

Axis types




S: ----

Default value


Drive types



This parameter can only be used for spindle axes.

Parameter available as of CNC Build V3.1.3079.27 and higher