Use actual speed for speed monitoring (P-AXIS-00779)


Use configured actual speed for speed monitoring and display data


By default the actual position value is used to calculate the actual speed when the actual position value and the actual speed value are configured in the process data.


This parameter sets the configured actual speed value that is used to determine the actual speed. With path axes, the parameter only acts on the display data.


Since the position values are also modulo calculated, the maximum speed is limited to 180°/cycle. To obtain a correct actual speed of spindles at speeds > 180°/cycle, this parameter defines that the actual speed value must be used for speed monitoring even if an actual position value is configured in the process data.

When this parameter is used, the speed scaling (see P-AXIS-00205, P-AXIS-00206 and P-AXIS-00207) must be correctly set.



Data type


Data range

0: Calculate the actual speed from the actual position value.

1: The configured actual speed of the drive is used for speed monitoring and display data.

Axis types

T, R


T: ----

R: ----

Default value


Drive types



As of V3.1.3079.14, parameter P-AXIS-00779 replaces P-AXIS-00519.

When the parameter P-AXIS-00779 is used, an actual speed must be configured in the process data. If this is not the case, the warning ID 70480 is output and the parameter value is set to 0.