Position lag limit for fixed stop detection (P-AXIS-00769)


Position lag limit for fixed stop detection


This parameter defines the position lag that must be exceeded to detect a fixed stop.

When set to the value 0, the system deactivates the check for position lag to detect a fixed stop.

If this parameter has a value < 0 (default), fixed stop detection uses the value in P-AXIS-00331 .



Data type


Data range

MIN(SGN32) < P-AXIS-00769 < MAX(SGN32)

Axis types

<T, R>


T: 0.1 µm

R: .1* 10- 4 °

Default value


Drive types



If the function ‘Measuring travel to fixed stop’ is used and the value of parameter P-AXIS-00774 is less than 0, this parameter is used as the limit value for fixed stop detection.

Currently this parameter only acts with measuring travel to fixed stop if P-AXIS-00774 is not parameterised.

Parameter available as of CNC Build V2.11.2810.01 and higher