Restoring axis position at controller start (P-AXIS-00761)


Restoring axis position at controller start


When the controller is terminated, the axis position in the position controller is saved remanently. This parameter is used at controller start to automatically restore the last position saved for an axis. This assumes that the drive encoder supplies an absolute position within at least one motor revolution and that the axis was referenced when it was switched off.

By restoring the last axis position, homing can be dispensed with after a controller restart. This can also be helpful for axes with a large motion range if their absolute encoder overflows once or several times.

If the axis has an absolute encoder, the ON_ABSOLUT mode can be used. If the encoder only provides an absolute position within one motor revolution (no remanent revolution counter), the ON_RANGE mode should be used. The number of relevant encoder bits per motor revolution must also be specified in parameter P-AXIS-00355 for this mode.


Between switching off and switching on the controller, the axis may not move by more than half the absolute range. If necessary, this must be ensured by using a suitable motor brake Otherwise, the restored position is shifted by one or more absolute intervals.



Data type


Data range

OFF - At controller start, the last axis position is not restored

ON_RANGE - Restore the axis position within a restricted absolute range of the drive encoder

ON_ ABSOLUTE - Restore the axis position for axis with absolute encoder

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R, S: ----

Default value


drive types.

Simulation, SERCOS, Terminal, Lightbus, CANopen


This function is available as of CNC Build V3.1.3080