ID 70021

Positive software limit switch actuated.


The current actual position of the axis is greater than the position of the positive software limit switch.

See also [FCT-A2// Section: Description]

The positions of the software limit switches are used to monitor the nominal and actual position of an axis. They are specified for each axis in the axis parameters (see P-AXIS-00177, P-AXIS-00178). For the monitoring of current positions, an additional tolerance (see P-AXIS-00179) can be specified in order to prevent that slight overshoot of an axis triggers an error message.

In the NC program, the positions of the software limit switches can be set or changed by the NC commands G98/G99.


Possible causes:

  • An incorrect NC program
  • Overshoot of axis is too wide.


Possible solutions:

  • Correct NC program
  • Check the proportional gain factor (see P-AXIS-00099) of the position controller, and reduce it if necessary.
  • Increase tolerance for position controller (see P-AXIS-00179)




Closed-loop controlled axis stop.




Correct NC program, reduce overshoot of the axis




For logical axis number of concerned axis, see P-AXIS-00016



Drive type of concerned axis, see P-AXIS-00020



Current position of the axis



For position of the positive software limit switch see P-AXIS-00178



Block number of the NC program, in which the error occurred.

Error type