Weighting factors for tool life and tool life distance ((V.TLM)

The NC program can change the weighting of tool life values. The changeable factors are used to adapt tool life data recording to tool use.

If every tool change is initiated by the T or D command (see P-CHAN-00482), the complete tool ID, the service life and the service distance are sent to the tool management automatically. All parameters are then zeroed and tool life data recording is enabled for the new tool substituted.

The following two decoder variables are used to program the weighting factors of service life and service distance (access is not synchronous with real time):

V.TLM.TIME_FACT                                                                            (Weighting of service life)

V.TLM.DIST_FACT                                                                            (Weighting of service distance)

The variables can be read and written. Both factors are 100% at program start. Both variables may be written in an NC block.



A tool that is always in contact should be weighted with a factor of 100%. However, if material is only removed along half the motion path, a weighting factor of 0.5 can be included in the calculation. The default value of the weighting factors of service time and service distance is 1.0.

Acquisition conditions: