Tool life data recoding with D word (P-CHAN-00482)


Tool life data recording with D word


Programming the T word does not imply that a mechanical tool change takes place. Nevertheless, tool lie data recording is already activated for this tool in the basic setting. If the D word (P-CHAN-00014 = 1) is also implicitly executed with the T word, the detected tool life data indicates a precise value.

However, if T and D are programmed separately (P-CHAN-00014 = 0) and if other motion blocks are located between the T word and the transfer of tool data by the D word, the detected tool life of the currently active tool is too short and the detected tool life of the new tool is too long.

To minimise this error, this parameter can be used to change the activation of the tool life data recording to the programming of the D word as trigger point. The detected tool life data is then more precise since it includes all the motions executed by a tool.



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This parameter is available as of CNC Build V2.11.2045.00 and higher.