Creating zero offset groups

A zero offset group (NPVG) defines the rules to create an NPV, i.e. it describes the components contained in a specific NPV data block. An NPVG is defined in the NC program or by pre-assignment in the channel parameter list [1]-1 in conjunction with a symbolic string. The use of symbolic strings is described in the section Macros. Three steps are basically required to activate an NPVG:

Programing Example


Creating zero offset groups

1st step:

Define an NPVG in the NC program, e.g. under the macro name VERSCH_1:

N10 " VERSCH_1 " = " V.G.NP[1].ALL = V.G.NP[2].ALL + V.G.NP[4].ALL "

or in the channel parameter list [1]-1:

makro_def[0].symbol VERSCH_1

makro_def[0].nc_code V.G.NP[1].ALL = V.G.NP[2].ALL + V.G.NP[4].ALL

2nd step:

Creating the NPV (new assignment of the NPV1 data block):

N20 " VERSCH_1 "

3rd step:

Select the NPV (in this example: NPV1, i.e. G54)

N30 G54