Configuration of interpolator input disable (P-CHAN-00267)


Configuring interpolator input disable


Reading further NC blocks can be prevented in the interpolator by using the “Read disable interpolator“ [HLI// Control command of a channel]). By default this control unit acts independently from the currently read block type. This means that when this control unit is activated, no further blocks are read and path motion stops.

The 'hli_input_disable_condition' parameter sets a condition for the action of the control unit. For example, it suppresses the reading of the next non-rapid traverse block so that the movement is stopped at the start of the next G01 movement.



Data type


Data range

DEFAULT: Reading is stopped immediately when the read disable is set (default).

NEXT_NON_RAPID_BLOCK: Reading the first non-rapid traverse block is prevented after
the control unit is activated.

EXT_RAPID_BLOCK: Reading the first rapid traverse block is prevented after the control
unit is inhibited.



Default value



The process stops immediately before the motion is executed. Technology functions as well as spindle M functions which may be programmed in the same NC row are output to the PLC.

If the control unit is deactivated while the interpolator is decelerating because of an active read disable, the motion is continued without stopping.

Parameterisation example:
Reading the next rapid traverse block is prevented when the read disable is activated. This rapid traverse block is only executed when the read disable is deactivated again.

hli_input_disable_condition NEXT_RAPID_BLOCK