Monitoring for negative software limit switch (P-AXIS-00521)


Activation of limit switch monitoring of the negative limit switch.


Command position related software limit switch monitoring is executed during path preparation. This ensures that a programmed movement that crosses a software limit switch is not executed.

In certain situations the command position is influenced by circumstances that are not known in the path preparation process and can thus not be detected in the software limit switch operation of the path planning process. Examples of this are the use of the external command position interface on the HLI or axis couplings via the HLI (see [HLI:] or [FCT-A9]).

With both these parameters, a command side software limit switch monitoring can be activated. When monitoring is active, a check is made in every interpolation cycle whether the axis can stop at its current velocity before the software limit switch when it is decelerated with P-AXIS-00003 .

The limits used are the actual values of the software limit switches without considering the software limit switch tolerance (P-AXIS-00179).

If the software limit switch is crossed, the error message P-ERR-70195 is output and the axis is stopped.



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