Transformation parameters (P-AXIS-00370)


Transformation parameters of axis-specific command value transformation


The transformation parameters are entered in this array corresponding to the selected transformation ID P-AXIS-00369 .


trafo.command_pos.param[i] mit i = 0 … 74 (Maximum number of transformation parameters,

Data type


Data range

Meaning (depends on transformation ID)

ID 1:

param[0]     h (*) in 10 E-4 mm

param[1]     k0 (*)

param[2]     k1 (*)

param[3]     k2 (*)

param[4]     φNorm Normalisation of motor angle (*) in 10 E-4°

(*see equations of the functions)


ID 2:

param[0]      Crank length l1 in 10 E-4 mm

param[1]      Con-rod length l2 in 10 E-4 mm

param[2]      Eccentricity e

param[3]      Solution range for motor angle ϕM

                    0:.0..180 degrees

                    1: 180..360 degree

param[4]      Moving direction of linear axis

                    0: positive

                    1: negative

param[10]    Zero point offset of linear axis In 10 E-4 mm


ID 3:

param[0]      Eccenter radius R in 10 E-4 mm

param[1]     Offset zero position linear axis In 10 E-4 mm

param[2]      Offset zero position rotary axis in 10 E-4°

param[3]      Solution range angle j

                    0:.-90..+90 degrees

                    1: 180..270 degree


ID 4:

param[0]     la Distance 1 hinge points In 10 E-4 mm

param[1]     lb Distance 2 hinge points In 10 E-4 mm

param[2]     Crank length lh in 10 E-4 mm

param[3]     Offset zero position linear axis In 10 E-4 mm

param[4]     Rotation direction of rotary axis B

                    0: positive

                    1: negative

Axis types




R: ----

Default value


Drive types