Distance resolution of measurement (denominator, P-AXIS-00233)


Distance resolution of measurement (denominator)


The distance resolution of the measuring system is entered in the dimension [increment/0.1 µm] for translatory axes or [increment/0.0001°] for rotary axes. The number of increments must be entered in 'getriebe[i].wegaufz' (numerator), the size of the motion path in [0.1µm] for translatory axes or in [0.0001°] for rotary axes in 'getriebe[i].wegaufn' (denominator).



Data type


Data range

1 ≤ wegaufn ≤ MAX(UNS32)

Axis types

T, R, S


T: 0.1 µm

R,S: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types



These entries are not adopted when updating the axis parameter list. For updating to take effect, the control system must be restarted.

Note that when a distance resolution is greater than 1, the motion range is restricted to less than (-MAX(UNS32)… +MAX(UNS32)) [µm/10-³ °].

If wegaufn is 0, the CNC generates the warning 110086 and corrects the parameter to the value 1.

If P-AXIS-00234/ P-AXIS-00233 are used, the parameters P-AXIS-00362 and P-AXIS-00363 must be set to 1.

Recommendation: It is recommended to set the path resolution using the parameters P-AXIS-00362 and P-AXIS-00363 .

For possible applications, see Settings of position scaling