Forward mapping of drive position (P-AXIS-00436)


Forward mapping of drive position


Corresponding to the coupling instructions at drive level, an active gear coupling leads to an offset of the axis positions compared to the programmed command positions in NC channel.

The gear coupling can be activated either by configuration in the axis parameters (see multi_link[i]) or via the HLI interface of the axis (see [FCT-A9]).

In the event of a program restart or an explicitly programmed request of axis positions (#CHANNEL INIT [CMDPOS]), the axis positions and the channel program coordinates are re-initialised. The parameter must be set to 1 if the input coordinates of the gear coupling (e.g. absolute program coordinates) are to be recalculated by forward mapping. See also P-AXIS-00460.



Data type


Data range

0: No forward mapping of drive position (default).

1: Forward mapping is executed.

Axis types

T, R


T: ----

R: ----

Default value


Drive types



Configuration example: Forward mapping is active during gear coupling

kenngr.multi_link[0].lead_axis                    4

kenngr.multi_link[0].factor_numerator             1

kenngr.multi_link[0].factor_denominator           2

kenngr.recalc_link_main_input_position            1

Configuration example: Forward mapping with active gear coupling via the HLI

kenngr.recalc_link_main_input_position            1

Principle of electronic gear coupling
Principle of electronic gear coupling