Relieve position difference when enabling drive controller (P-AXIS-00327)


Relieve position difference when enabling drive controller


If a drive is enabled, it moves from its actual position to the command position. If the difference between actual and command position is less than P-AXIS-00108 , this position difference is cleared in one single set. The parameter P-AXIS-00327 can achieve that the position difference is cleared on a linear slope profile.

Here the following dynamic parameters are used:

- Velocity of the movement: P-AXIS-00208

- Acceleration of the movement: P-AXIS-00011

A reset during the correction movement aborts this movement in compliance with the dynamic parameters mentioned above.

A channel specific feedhold leads to a stop of the correction movement if the axis is attached to a channel. If the axis is not attached to a channel, an axis-specific feedhold or an axis-specific override 0 leads to an interruption of the correction movement

Program start or continuation of a program takes place after the correction movement is finished.



Data type


Data range


Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value


Drive types

SERCOS, CANopen, KUKA, Profidrive