Max. allow. relieve position difference when enabling drive controller (P-AXIS-00108)


Maximum permissible position difference when setting the enables of the drive controller


By setting the enables of the drive controller, the position control circuit of the axis is closed and the axis attempts to approach the currently set command value as soon as possible. If this command value differs from the actual value, an abrupt stimulation of the drive occurs. In order to limit the resulting axis movement, the position difference is monitored for compliance with a limit value.


If the actual difference between command and actual position is greater than the specified value when setting the drive enables, an error message is generated. The difference is not cleared.

The difference is cleared depending on P-AXIS-00327 either in a step-shaped (P_AXIS-00327 = 0) or an interpolated fashion (P_AXIS-00327 = 1) with the dynamic parameters set in P-AXIS-00208 and P-AXIS-00011 .



Data type


Data range

0 < max_diff_soll_ist < MAX(SGN32)

Axis types

T, R, S


T: 0.1 µm

R,S: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types