Name of process data element 'start measurement command' (P-AXIS-00699)


Name of process data element 'start measurement command'


This parameter defines the cyclical process data in which the bit to start the measurement command 1 for SERCOS drives is transferred to the drive.

When one of the real-time control bits of the SERCOS control word is used, this parameter has to be set to 'S-0-0134' or 'S_0_0134' and in all other cases to the name of the process data element in the process data configuration.

If this parameter is used, enter the number of the bit used for transmission in P-AXIS-00700 .



Data type


Data range


Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value


Drive types



If the configured element name is not found in the process data configuration, the error message P-ERR-110617 and the axis parameters P-AXIS-00118 (measuring axis) and P-AXIS-00098 (kasto_axis) are reset to prevent the execution of a measurement travel or edge banding with incompletely configured probes.

* Note: The default value of variables is a blank string.