Probe stroke for measurement types 2 and 4 (P-AXIS-00086)


Probe stroke for measurement types 2 and 4


Some types of mechanical measuring probes have a limited stroke. After activating the probe, the axis continues to travel by the braking distance which is dependent on the axis speed and the allowed axis deceleration. In order to avoid damage to the probe, the maximum permitted stroke can be parametrised. This parameter is only effective for measurement types 2 and 4 (see P-CHAN-00057). When using these types, the measurement speed is limited in such a way that the braking distance is less than the probe stroke. If measurement speed correction is executed, a warning is output.



Data type


Data range

0 ≤ hub_messtaster ≤ MAX(UNS32)

Axis types

T, R


T: 0.1 µm

R: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types



A buffer exists between the interpolator and the position controller to calculate the parameters for feedforward control of axes. This results in a dead time between calculating a command value by the interpolator and its execution in the position controller. In the worst case, an error may occur during measurement travel because the interpolator, which monitors the stroke of the measuring probe, ignores the distance components in the buffer. This can be prevented by enlarging the actual measurement probe stroke.