Maximum distance during homing (P-AXIS-00412)


Maximum distance during homing


With this parameter a maximum movement distance during homing can be set up for spindles and rotary axes. If the maximum permissible distance for homing is exceeded, homing is aborted and the error message P-ERR-70394 is output.

When this parameter is set, it achieves that homing is aborted if for example the reference cam is not recognised due to a wiring error.

This parameter works only for spindles and rotary axes, see P-AXIS-00018. If this parameter is set for linear axes to a value other than zero, the error message P-ERR-110545 is output and the value is corrected to 0.

A value of 0 disables distance monitoring during homing.



Data type


Data range

0 ≤ homing_max_movement_dist ≤ MAX(UNS32)

Axis types

R, S



R,S: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types



This parameter has to be set to a value which is at least equal to the modulo range of the axis in order to complete homing successfully.