Position monitoring consists of the following steps:

  1. When the axis command position reaches the programmed target position, the timeout is started (time t1).
  2. Timeout is deactivated when the actual position of the axis is located within the exact stop window (time t2). The exact stop window is configured by P-AXIS-00236.
  3. The actual position must be located within the time t configured in P-AXIS-00532 in t3 the exact stop window.
Position monitoring process
Position monitoring process

Warnings, errors and reactions

Error message P-ERR-70082. The axis failed within the set time P-AXIS-00532 to reach the exact stop window P-AXIS-00236.

  1. Immediately stop the affected axis.
  2. Stop all axes that are interpolated with the affected axis in the path compound.
  1. Check the cause of the error message and rectify
  2. Resetting the controller



Recommended parameterisation

Position settling time: P-AXIS-00532 = 10000 to 200000µs

Exact stop window: P-AXIS-00236 ≥ 3 · ∆sStandstill;

∆SStandstill: real position lag at standstill



When exact stop (G60) is programmed, an axis reaches the target position when the actual position is located within the same exact stop window.