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This documentation was produced with utmost care. The products and scope of functions described are under continuous development. We reserve the right to revise and amend the documentation at any time and without prior notice.

No claims may be made for products which have already been delivered if such claims are based on the specifications, figures and descriptions contained in this documentation.

Personnel qualifications

This description is solely intended for skilled technicians who were trained in control, automation and drive systems and who are familiar with the applicable standards, the relevant documentation and the machining application.

It is absolutely vital to refer to this documentation, the instructions below and the explanations to carry out installation and commissioning work. Skilled technicians are under the obligation to use the documentation duly published for every installation and commissioning operation.

Skilled technicians must ensure that the application or use of the products described fulfil all safety requirements including all applicable laws, regulations, provisions and standards.

Further information

This link

contains further information on messages generated in the NC kernel, online help, PLC libraries, tools, etc. in addition to the current documentation.


It is forbidden to make any changes to the software configuration which are not contained in the options described in this documentation.

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