Relative offset limits


After HB is selected, offset limits act relative to the current axis position (start position) and are defined by:

Definition ranges of relative offset limits

Activate the monitor

To activate the relative offset limit monitor, at least one of the limits P-AXIS-00137 or P-AXIS-00138 must be configured with the value ≠ 0.

  1. The monitor is activated.



If both limits = 0, the monitor is not active.

Warnings, errors and reactions

  1. Interpolation is stopped.
  1. Move back within the valid range.
  1. The additional command values are deleted.
  1. Move back within the valid range.
  1. Interpolation is stopped.
  1. Reset the controller.
  2. Move back within the valid range. The valid range is defined by the software limit switches.

Modulo axis

For modulo axes, relative offset limits can include several modulo revolutions. The specified relative offset limits refer to the axis position that was valid when it was activated by G200 or G201.

This reference position can by determined by the CNC object with (index group 0x21301 and index offset 0x2000C) or directly on the HLI.

For example, the second axis in the first channel can be read via the GEO port with index group 0x21301 and offset 0x20007.

Change reference position

If the reference position is changed, a path motion and re-activation of the manual mode axis are required.



Offset limits with modulo axes

Initial situation

Rel. neg.

Abs. neg.

Rel. pos.

Abs. pos.


1. Offset limits lie within one modulo revolution





2. Offset limits comprise several modulo revolutions





3.1 Offset limits lie within another modulo range





Based on the current position of 100°, offset limits should be within the range of 800° to 920°.

3.2 Motion path about +740°





Based on the above state, a path motion and a reactivation of the HB axis are required.


Rel. neg.:
Abs. neg.:
Rel. pos.:
Abs. pos.:

Relative negative offset limit
Absolute negative offset limit
Relative positive offset limit
Absolute positive offset limit