Dynamically optimised contouring of the complete contour

This mode is suitable for handling task where the feed need not be constant in the rounded contour. The contouring curve is selected so that at least one axis involved utilises the dynamics available. As opposed to dynamically optimised contouring (DIST_SOFT), this mode involves the entire contour. The figure below shows a typical application:

Comprehensive planning avoids unnecessary acceleration zeroes at block limits and calculates uniform velocity profiles as shown in the figure below.

Accelerations with constant jerk change to reduce further excitations. The acceleration phases are then placed in the straight sections before and after the rounded contour:

The corner deviation defines the distance of the rounded contour to the program corner point.

If the position is known at which a deviation from the original contour is permitted, the user can explicitly specify the amount of pre-block and post-block corner distances by which the adjacent motion blocks are shortened. The corner distances are limited if they do not exceed the minimum residual block length .

Parameterisation takes place as follows:

#CONTOUR MODE [ PTP [PATH_DEV<expr> [<action>] ]


Axis-specific contouring with specification of corner distance [as of Build V3.1.3052.01]


Maximum corner deviation from the programmed contour in [mm, inch*.

Default value: 1 mm

*when P-CHAN-00439 is active


Time of execution of additional actions (M/H):




Actions before the contouring curve.


Actions in the contouring curve (default).


Actions after the contouring curve.



This mode is not suitable for:

  1. Programs containing many short motion paths (see also HSC).
  2. Programs with circular blocks since this result in the automatic deselection of the mode.



This functionality can only be used if the start-up parameter is parameterised for each channel in which the function is to be used.

Example of a setting in the start-up list:

configuration.channel[].path_preparation.function FCT_DEFAULT|FCT_PTP

Programing Example


Dynamically optimised contouring of the complete contour



N110 G01 X100 G61

N120 G01 Y100


Dyn. optimised contouring of the entire contour specifying corner deviation
Dyn. optimised contouring of the entire contour specifying corner deviation