Dynamic optimised contouring with master axis

A feed master axis is used in this variant of the dynamically optimised contouring curve. This generally results in a more favourable velocity profile.

The feed master axis is identified in the axis parameter list by an entry in P-AXIS-00015 and marked as the only feed axis in the channel parameter list (P-CHAN-00011).

Further properties and limitations correspond to the dynamically optimised contouring mode.

Parameterisation takes place as follows:

#CONTOUR MODE     [ DIST_MASTER [SYM_DIST<expr>] [ACC_MAX<expr>] [ACC_MIN<expr>]

                                     [RAMP_TIME<expr>] [DIST_WEIGHT<expr>] ]


Dynamically optimised contouring with feed master axis


Corner distance of pre-block and post-block (symmetrical) in [mm, inch *] after which a deviation from the original contour is allowed.

Default value: 1 mm

Monitoring off: -1 mm


Percentage in [0%-100%] of maximum axis acceleration (machine data) which may be used by the contouring curve.

Default value: 100%


Percentage in [0%-100%] of maximum axis acceleration (machine data) which should be used by the contouring curve. If this specified corner distance (see SYM_DIST) is not maintained here, the acceleration is increased up to maximum value (ACC_MAX).

Default value: 50%


Percentage weighting of the ramp time in [0%-10000%].

Default value: 100%


Percentage weighting of corner distances relative to the pre-/post-block in [0%-100%].

Default value: 0%

*when P-CHAN-00439 is active