Velocity curve in the contouring section

Depending on axis parameterisation and the application, it may be necessary to influence the velocity curve in the contouring section. In the default definition, the contouring section is travelled at maximum permissible path velocity. If the axes have strongly different dynamics, this could lead to an unacceptable excitation of vibrations in the machine because path velocity is adjusted in the contouring section.

The characteristic in the contouring section can be adjusted by specific control commands in the NC command #CONTOUR MODE.

In the example below, the block transition from N6 to N7 is contoured by polynomials which are moved in the contouring section at maximum velocity, i.e. the velocity is adjusted here by different axis dynamics. The transition from N9 to N10 is also contoured but without any velocity adjustment. This leads to a constant path velocity in the contouring section.

Programing Example


Velocity curve in the contouring section



N0004 G1 X0 Y0 Z0 F8000


N0006 X100 G61

N0007 Y100


N0009 X0 G61

N0010 Y0

N0020 M30

Characteristic in the transition section
Characteristic in the transition section