General properties

The process of polynomial contouring is calculated from the geometrical path contour of the main axes in space. The given conditions, e.g. corner deviation or percentage path velocity, result in a position on the original contour from which the contour can be changed or replaced by a contouring curve (polynomial). This means that the starting or target point of the contouring curve which is known on the original path curve.

Using the determined starting and target points of the polynomial of the main axes calculated using the conditions, it is also possible to specify the position of the tracking axes at which their original contour can be replaced by a polynomial.

With tracking axes, as with main axes, a curvature and direction-continuous polynomial is inserted between the corner distances of the pre-block and post-block, taking into consideration the max. acceleration of these axes. However, the originally specified corner deviation refers only to the deviation of the main axis in space so that, if required, an additional limit value can be specified for the maximum deviation of the tracking axes. Any theoretical excess of this deviation by the tracking axis causes a reduction in the contouring curve (reduction in corner distance).

Polynomial contouring is automatically suppressed depending on the transition between the pre-block and post-block if: