Mode of subroutine call (P-CHAN-00433)


Mode of implicit subroutine call at program end


This parameter defines the execution mode of the implicit subroutine call at the end of an NC program and/or MDI.

There is no distinction between MDI mode and manual mode.



Data type


Data range

AUTOMATIC: Call a global subroutine by (P-CHAN-00252) at the end (M30) of an NC main program.

If no ID is entered, the basic setting is AUTOMATIC.

MDI: Call a global subroutine (P-CHAN-00252) at the end of an MDI. Here, a global subroutine call (L <filename>) is appended to the command sequence of the received MDI character string or is inserted before an existing M30.

Parameterisation example 1:

Received MDI:     G01 X100 Y150 F1000 \n

Executed MDI:      G01 X100 Y150 F1000\n L \n


Parameterisation example 2:

Received MDI:     G01 X100 Y150 F1000 \n M30 \n

Executed MDI:      G01 X100 Y150 F1000 \n L \n M30 \n



Default value



Examples of permissible assignments:

final_prog_file_mode     AUTOMATIC | MDI

final_prog_file_mode     AUTOMATIC

final_prog_file_mode     MDI

This parameter is available as of CNC Build V3.1.3068.01