ISG - dirigent

Constantly growing requirements for control software tests

Thanks to digital twins, machines and plants can be virtually commissioned long before they are completed in reality. In order to achieve high reliability and robustness, control software response must be carefully tested in normal operation modes and in a very large number of irregular operation modes.

Both the extent and complexity of control software continues to grow due to the gradual progress of digitisation in production and manufacturing. The resulting increase in the complexity of tests which were previously conducted manually is no longer economically feasible.






ISG-dirigent nominated for Automation Award 2018 in the field of "control technology & system solutions"

Automated testing with ISG-dirigent

ISG-dirigent is the first commercially available tool for the automated testing of control software. It is ready to run test processes in an autonomous and reproducible environment at any time. The basic tool is called expecco from exept Software AG. This has long been used in other sectors and offers a stable basis for the module libraries.

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