Tips for HTML Search

Caution when using search terms with spaces between them

The HTML5 search functions function as a so-called “full text search” with the terms logically linked by an OR and not by an AND function!

This difference becomes especially important when searching for a command which contains a space:
Thus, entering #CS ON yields another search result than "#CS ON"; with the latter syntax being recommended for commands with spaces in them. The quotation marks here serve as a logical AND link.



Searching within a browser window is done by means of the CTRL+F command.

A hint for navigating through (a large number of) search hits

You can easily display a (2nd) new window within the search results menu by right-clicking with the mouse and selecting “Open link in new tab/window”. However, this will only open the respective active window without the Navigation Menu. For this reason, we recommend opening a completely new tab by clicking on the ISG Help tab and selecting “Clone tab”, “Duplicate” or “Copy” (depending on the browser).