Acceleration weighting (G130)

The G130 function can change the acceleration of the spindle axis.

Acceleration can be influenced by a percentage change in the associated acceleration characteristic values. With a jerk-limited profile, these values are the axis parameters P-AXIS-00001 and P-AXIS-00002.

If programming takes place with G130, all axes which are not programmed or not yet programmed are set to 100%. Every time these functions are selected, the 100% weighting is taken irrespective of previous programming.

Therefore, 50% programmed twice in succession means the setting is made to 50% and not to 25%. A weighting of over 100% is possible up to maximum axis acceleration P-AXIS-00008.



At program end, the G130 weighing factor is restored to 100%.

Programing Example


Acceleration weighting (G130)

N10 S[G130=70]  ;Spindle acceleration is limited to 70%

N20 M03 S1000 ;Endless rotation CW

N30 S[G130=60]  ;Spindle acceleration is limited to 60%

N40 M04 S1000 ;Endless rotation CCW