Orientation interpolation mode (P-CHAN-00417)


Orientation interpolation mode in conjunction with complete kinematic transformations


With a complete transformation the tool target orientation is defined by concatenated rotations in space.

If more than one rotary axis is programmed, it may cause the tool to wobble. This is prevented by using a special angular interpolation (orientation interpolation).

This parameter influences the mode of functioning of orientation interpolation.



Data type


Data range

0: Orientation interpolation of tool axis (default). This is executed in a place which results from the tool direction at the start and target points of the programmed angular motion. While rotating in the plane, the tool rotates about the tool axis.

1: Orientation interpolation with a spatial axis calculated by the CNC. This spatial axis executes the rotation of the tool from start orientation to target orientation.

-1: Orientation interpolation inactive, linear interpolation of the programmed spatial angle.



Default value



Geometric smoothing functions such as polynomial smoothing, spline etc. deactivate the effect of orientation interpolation.