Programming #CYL [..]

The path is programmed in Cartesian coordinates on the lateral surface projection in X and U where U is the rotary axis identifier. When selected, the reference radius R on the cylindrical workpiece must also be programmed.

The tool must be located above the rotation centre when selected.

If required, PCS (Programming Coordinate System) modulo calculation can be activated by a kinematic parameter (see below Parameter HD10 in section Description). In this case, the PCS U axis is treated as a rotary modulo axis. After it crosses the modulo limit of the rotary axis, the circumferential position is also corrected.

Path programming on the lateral surface
Path programming on the lateral surface



A position on the tube circumference is always approached in absolute programming along the shortest path. The section "Programming modulo axes" in [PROG] must be observed when programming the sign. This must also be taken into account for circular motion blocks (G02, G03) with absolute target point programming.



The kinematic parameters in ID 15 must be set for this machining type.

Syntax to select lateral surface machining with round tube:

#CYL [ <1st main_axis_name>, <2nd main_axis_name>, <3rd main_axis><expr>]    (modal)

<1st main_axis_name>

Name of the first main axis according to the current main plane.

<2nd main_axis_name>

Name of the second main axis according to the current main plane (virtual linear axis, development).

<3rd main_axis_name><expr>

Axis name of the third main axis according to the current main plane with specification of the reference radius in [mm, inch].

Syntax to deselect lateral surface machining with round tube

#CYL OFF                                                                                                                              (modal)

Programing Example


#CYL [..]

(* Example with axis identifier U for 2nd main axis *)

N05 G00 Y0                (tool over centre of rotation)

N10 G01 X60 U45 F5000

N20 #CYL [X, U, Z60]      (Select lateral surface, radius 60 mm)

N30 G00 G90 X0 U0         (X: 0mm  U:0mm!)

N40 G01 U100 F500

N50 G02 X100 R50

N60 G01 U0

N70 Z0