Limitation of the output value

The value transferred to the drive can be configured to maximum (P-AXIS-00409) and minimum (P-AXIS-00408) values.

If the value specified in the #DRIVE command is outside the configured limits, the value is automatically limited to the configured limit; no error message is output.

The limits are scaled by the parameter P-AXIS-00401.



When limits are configured, make sure they are within the value range specified by the P-AXIS-00399 data type.

If the permitted value range is exceeded, the error message (P-ERR-70384, P-ERR-70383) is output and the limit is automatically corrected.

If no limits are configured, no limitation is applied.

The configured maximum value needs to be greater than the minimum value, otherwise a warning (P-ERR-70385) is output and the limits are swapped.