Drive datum to be transferred

The parameter P-AXIS-00398 defines the name of the datum transferred to the drive. At this point the drive profile independent name of the drive function is mapped into the drive-specific nomenclature as parameterised in the P-AXIS-00396 parameter.

If cyclic transfer is parameterised for the drive parameter, the drive parameter must be present in the cyclic process data.

If the drive parameter is transferred over the parameter channel, the parameter must be present and writable to the drive.

Enter the data type of the drive parameter to be transferred in the P-AXIS-00399 parameter.

Possible values are:


Signed 8-bit value


Signed 16-bit value


Signed 32-bit value


Bit string with 16 bits (see Section “Bitwise writing”)


Bit string with 32 bits (see Section “Bitwise writing”)