Programmable axis override

This command allows for the axis feed, if required the different influencing of feed and rapid feed blocks in the NC program. The axis-specific programmed override is active during path motions if the axis is moving. This does not affect the mode of operation of real-time influencing of feed by the PLC.

In addition a programmable path override function is also provided.

When several axes are moved in the same NC block with different axis-specific override values, the smallest override always takes effect. If an additional path override is also defined, the effective override results from multiplying the two override values.



The G166 function suppresses the programmed override values.

<axis_name> [ OVERRIDE FEED_FACT<expr> RAPID_FACT<expr> { \ } ]


Name of the axis


Identifier for axis-specific override programming. Must always be programmed as first keyword.


Override factor for feed blocks in [0.1%-200%]


Override factor for rapid traverse blocks [0.1%-200%]


Separator ("backslash") for clear programming of the command over multiple lines.

Programing Example


Programmable axis override


N10  G01 X100 Y100 Z100 F1000

N40  X[OVERRIDE FEED_FACT=20 RAPID_FACT=60] Axis override X G01 20%, G00 60%

N50  Y[OVERRIDE FEED_FACT=30 RAPID_FACT=70] Axis override Y G01 30%, G00 70%

N60  Z[OVERRIDE FEED_FACT=40 RAPID_FACT=80] Axis override Z G01 40%, G00 80%

N50  G00 X0                     G00 motion with 60% override

N60  Y0                         G00 motion with 70% override

N70  Z0                         G00 motion with 80% override

N80  G01 X100 F2000             G01 motion with 20% override

N90  Y100                       G01 motion with 30% override

N100 Z100                       G01 motion with 40% override

N110 X200 Y200                  G01 motion with 20% override

N120 X300 Y300 Z200             G01 motion with 20% override