Selecting/deselecting axis compensations in the NC program

Release Note


This function is available as of CNC Build V2.10.1501.00

The various axis compensations [FCT-C5] can also be selected and deselected directly in the NC program in addition to the option of using the corresponding axis parameters. Axis-specific axis compensations for several axes in an NC block can be activated or deactivated simultaneously.



Axis compensations switched off by the COMP command has a global NC program effect, i.e. compensations are not automatically activated at program end. They must be switched back on explicitly using the COMP command in the subsequent NC program.

<axis_name> [ COMP [ [ ON | OFF [ CROSS PLANE LEAD TEMP FRICT ] ] | OFF_ALL ]
                      [ NO_MOVE ] { \ } ]


Name of the axis


Identifier to select/deselect axis-specific compensation. Must always be programmed as the first keyword.


Activates programmed compensation(s)


Deactivates programmed compensation(s)


Keyword for cross compensation


Keyword for plane compensation


Keyword for spindle leadscrew error compensation


Keyword for temperature compensation


Keyword for friction compensation [as of Build V2.11.2022.05]


Switch off all active compensations. No further compensation keywords may be programmed after the keyword.


By default the position offset occurring when axis compensations are switched on/off is driven out before the NC program processing is continued. The keyword NO_MOVE suppresses this motion. The channel is initialised with the changed axis position. The position offset is only driven out with the next axis motion programmed in the NC program.


Separator ("backslash") for clear programming of the command over multiple lines.

Programing Example


Axis-specific programming

N10 X[COMP OFF CROSS PLANE] Deactivate cross and                              plane compensation in the X axis

N50 X[COMP OFF CROSS] Y[COMP ON LEAD TEMP] Compensation programming                                            of multiple axes in a common NC block

N100 Z[COMP OFF_ALL]         Deactivate all compensations in the Z axis

N200 Y[COMP OFF_ALL NO_MOVE] Deactivate all compensations on the Y
                              axis with no axis movement