Tool life data recording

When tool life values are acquired, the contact time (service life) and the distance covered by the tool during contact (service distance) must be calculated. The resulting values are sent to the tool management function.

Only the traversing of motion blocks is to be taken into account here. Rapid traverse positioning may not have any effect on tool life values.

The interpolator displays the data (tool ID, contact time, contact distance) after the tool is replaced.

The service life is recorded in ms; the service distance is recorded in mm.

The NC program can change the weighting the tool life values. The changeable factor is used to adapt tool life acquisition to tool use.



A tool that is always in contact should be weighted with a factor of 100%. However, if material is only removed along half the motion path, a weighting factor of 0.5 can be included in the calculation. The default value of the weighting factors of service time and service distance is 1.0.