Rotation tool centre point (RTCP)



The use of this feature requires a license for the "Transformations” extension package. It is not included in the scope of the standard license.

#TRAFO ON                                                 Select RTCP                                              (modal)

#TRAFO OFF                                               Deselect RTCP                                              (modal)

The RTCP function represents tool compensation in space.

After RTCP is selected, the contact point of the current tool remains stationary relative to the workpiece when tool orientation is changed (please note the assignments of the tool tip offset parameters P-CHAN-00094 and P-TOOL-00009 when assigning parameter values to kinematic transformation).

Motion control with/without RTCP
Motion control with/without RTCP

The resulting motion is shown on the left of the figure when the rotary machine axis is moved.

RTCP shifts the centre point of rotation to the tool tip (centre point of tool rotation). The resulting offsets in the axes X, Y, Z based on tool motion are compensated in each cycle by corresponding opposing motions.

Only the axes X, Y, Z are outputs from kinematic transformation; the rotary machine axes are programmed as usual.

The RTCP function may not be selected when TLC is active (see Section Tool length compensation (TLC)).



When kinematic transformation is active, axis-specific tool offsets in ax_versatz[<ax_index>] (P-TOOL-00006) are only taken into consideration if axes are not influenced by the transformation function. Depending on the transformation type, they typically refer to all axes with index > 2 when RTCP is used.

The axis-specific tool offsets of the first three axes (index 0, 1, 2) are not taken into account when transformation is active. If tool offsets should also be effective for these axes when transformation is active, enter the values in the kinematic offsets of the tool (P-TOOL-00009) mentioned above.

Programing Example


RTCP example 1

N10 T1 D1                (Select 2.5D tool compensation)

N20 #TRAFO ON            (Select RTCP)

N30 G01 F100 B45 C30     (Programming rotary axes modifies tool
                         (Orientation. Tool contact point remains)




N100 #TRAFO OFF          (Deselect RTCP)

N200 M30

Programing Example


RTCP example 2

N10 #KIN ID [1]                   (Select machine kinematic)

N20 #TRAFO ON                     (Select RTCP)

N30 G01 G18 X20 Y0 Z25 B90 F500   (Move tool to right)

N40 G91 X-8                       (Move to start position)

N50 G90 G02 X-12 I-12 B-90 F2000 (Process)


Motion control with RTCP
Motion control with RTCP